Why should you believe in God? Hasn’t science disproved God? Is there any good evidence God exists? Or do you “just gotta’ have faith”?

This is not a new question brought to the table during our modern, enlightened, scientific age. It has been the topic of philosophers, scientists, and theologians for thousands of years, and for good reason. The way you answer the question will help shape the manner in which you live your life, give meaning and purpose to your life, and deal with the pain, suffering, evil, and death we all experience. This post will cover just one of several reasons I believe God exists.

A logical place to begin is in the beginning, as in the beginning of the universe. Where did the universe come from? Has it always been here, or did it begin to exist at some point? Modern science has demonstrated that the universe absolutely began to exist. In fact, even famed physicists Stephen Hawking said, “Almost everyone now believes that the universe, and time itself, had a beginning…”

Science has proven that all space, time, matter, and energy had a beginning. If space, time, matter, and energy began to exist, then they cannot be the cause of the universe coming into being. They are the effect, not the cause. So the cause of the universe must be space-less, time-less, and immaterial. If all of nature had a beginning, then the cause of nature must be beyond nature, or supernatural. It must transcend nature. Plato knew over 2400 years ago that there must be an “unmoved mover”.

When we think about the nature of God, we attribute those very characteristics to him; that He is spaceless, timeless, and immaterial, not to mention incredibly powerful and intelligent.

For thousands of years, and up until only the last 100 years, scientists and philosophers believed that the universe was eternal, that it had always existed. The Bible had it correct 3500 years ago, where it was written in Genesis 1:1 that “In the beginning, God created…”

So if you are looking for a reason to believe in God, know that the universe had a beginning, and that the cause must be outside of, or transcend, the universe. If you are interested in a verse by verse Bible study, consider checking out my podcast!