Verse by verse bible study is an easy way to get more familiar with the bible and God’s word and build your faith. Reading the bible is the foundation of any Christian faith. Understanding the bible and truly absorbing the message takes a little more evaluation.

The Foundation of Christianity

The bible is a road map for Christian living. It is more than a simple historical record. Scripture from the Bible brings us closer to God and helps us to foster a better understanding of what God expects from us.

Every Christian religion bases its teachings on the bible. Protestantism in particular encourages the faithful to read the bible and participate in a bible study to reinforce faith and build a stronger relationship with God. About 69% of Christians identified as protestants in the 1940s while about 37% of American adults reported being Protestants in 2020 (per Statista).

How Verse By Verse Bible Study Can Increase Your Faith

Reading scripture will plant a seed, it will provide the foundation to grow your faith. Going through the bible verse by verse helps you to take a closer look at what each verse means and grow that faith even stronger.

The more familiar you become with God’s Word, the more you will understand it. The more you understand scripture, the more powerful it becomes in your life. The stronger your faith will become as you ingest each verse and take a deep dive into meanings.

The bible provides clear directions for the Christian life. Getting more familiar with the meanings of the verses will help you to put even more meaning to the words. Reading each verse as a separate entity helps to present a bigger picture of what God promises and expects from us.

Living The Word

Directed bible study puts the power in your hands to make informed, faith-based decisions. When you truly understand the bible, you can easily apply it to your lifestyle and how you move through life. You will be able to test the word by applying well-understood scripture to your life.

Verse by verse bible study will bring you closer to God and increase your faith. Through action, you will be able to put your trust in God.